Publishing with Xamarin.Android Pt.1: Build Options

Lately most of my time has been spent with getting the Android version of RouteHero out the door. It's an ongoing process, and I figured I »

Never stop learning

Probably one of the most important lessons I've learned in my career so far is the value of continuing to learn. We've heard the line "learning »

Azure push notifications with Xamarin

As part of building Android and iOS versions of RouteHero, I've been using Xamarin (though not forms) to do x-platform development while still leveraging my .NET »

ASP MVC Bundling w/o Minification

For my project so far, I've been using bundles, which have been a great help. They allow for automatic combination and minification of js/css files, »

Managing front end web libraries using Bower with ASP MVC

My mess of packages Coming from a native app (WPF, WinRT, etc) development background, I've been pretty comfortable with using Nuget for most of my package »